My hero

Almost every boy want to be a hero. We learn about brave people from newspapers, magazines, books, films, and TV programmes. We are proud of them. I think our time is also reach in heroism.
All people have their own ideals. As for me my grandfather is my hero. Now I would like to tell you about him. My grandfather`s name was Ghukasyan Aram. He was born in 1965.
My grandfather took part in the Artsakh War,in 1993, when he was only 27. We know how courageous and faithful common people were, how much they loved their Motherland. I am proud of my grandfather because he was one of those people.He died,when he was 28. My grandfather was awarded orders and medals for his bravery.
I want to be as brave and fair as my grandfather was. I think he is a real hero. It is a pity that my grandfather is not alive. And I have not seen him.