Our winter camp

To spend(t), team, to start, early in the morning, to gather, south school, to long walk, to reach, tales, Media Center, to see the stars,

To go to Gyumri by train, to enjoy, to have a good time, a trip, to go to the farm, to play snowballs, to make a snowman, to cooke spas, to play intellectual games.

I spend time with our team.We early in morning, to go to Gyumri by train.There we visited the Museum and Tashir Pizza.We went to the farm, play snowballs and made snowman.We also visited the South School.There we discussed the 《talking tale》 book.

We played a lot of intellectual games.We also tasted spas, which was very tasty.And how well we started this camp, we ended it so well, and we all had a good time.

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