1) Look at the clouds! It will definitely rain soon.
2) Unfortunately, there might be a holiday next month, but I’m not sure.
3) I definitely will go to the party. I hate parties.
4) I’m not sure, but I might watch the football game on Sunday; I am too busy.
5) I might not pass the exam. I don’t feel very confident.
6) People might develop telepathy in the future. It’s impossible.
7) A: Where’s John?
B: I’m not sure. He might be in his office.
8) A: Are you going to travel anywhere on your vacation?
B: I might go. It all depends on airline prices.
9) Yesterday, I saw Ted looking at diamond rings in a jewellery store. I think, he might propose marriage to Stella.
10) I’ve gained so much weight lately. I’m sure my suit will fit me.