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A. 1) It was a terrible accident. How many people were killed?

2) Tomas fell off his bike yesterday, but he wasn’t injured.

3) We didn’t play well yesterday. We we’re beaten 4-0!

4) When the volcano erupted, the noise was heard 200 kilometers away.

B. My grandparents live in the countryside, in an old cottage. It’s got a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. The bedroom and the living room are quite big, but the kitchen’s very small! I love old cottages like our grandparents’.

C. 1) I couldn’t finish the test because there was not enough time.

2)I feel sick — I think I’ve eaten too much chocolate!

3)I didn’t really enjoy my visit to Rome because there were too many tourists everywhere.

D. 1) I’ve put some old clothes on because I will wash my dad’s car for him.

2)What time are we going to meet John this evening?

3) Please can you lend me some money? I promise I will pay you back by Friday.

E. Underline the odd one out

1 bungalow garage cottage flat — flat

2 flood earthquake tsunami bomb — bomb

3 TV aerial semi-detached house chimney gate — semi-detached house

4 caravan terraced house bungalow detached house — caravan

F. 1) Lots of people lost their lives when the volcano erupted.

2) People living in the Caribbean are somtimes hit by hurricanes.

3) The catastrophe caused a lot of damage and eventually the government had to help.

4) This information is essential for people who live in areas with lots of earthquakes.

5) We didn’t watch the match — there was a problem with the TV aerial.