Check up

1. I wake up at 7.00.

2. I sometimes work on Saturdays.

3. I never work on the weekends.

4. I see my family  on Christmas.

5. I go on holiday in August.

6. I go to bed at 11 p.m.

7. I watch TV in the evening.

8. I do my English homework at night.

9. I read the newspaper in the morning.

10. I have lunch at 1.30 p.m.

11. I always go out at Friday nights.

12. I go to a restaurant on, New Year’s Eve.

13. I start a new school year in September.

14. I go skiing inonat in the winter.

15. I was born in 1977.

16. I get up late on Saturday mornings.

17. I usually have a cup of coffee in  the afternoons.

18. My birthday is in July.

19. The party is on the first of October.

20. We have a meeting in the first Thursday of the month.

Fill in the correct form of the verb given.

Who is he writing to? – He is writing to his sister Maria, who
is usually in England at this time of the year. (HE WRITE, WRITE, BE)
Marty was smoking just when his mother came into his room.
She left an hour ago and didn’t come back yet. (LEAVE, NOT COME)
I usually drink tea with milk, but I like to have my coffee black.
When I was in school, I knew a student who didn’t fail a test in his whole
life. (KNOW, NOT FAIL)
You can’t go into her room. She is sleeping and you shouldn’t wake her. (SLEEP)
I have never felt better in my life. I hope it will stay that way. (NEVER FEEL,
We didn’t go outside yesterday because it was raining the whole day. Maybe we
will go tomorrow. (NOT GO, RAIN, GO)
While Mom was working in the garden, she hurt her back. She
went the doctor who told her that she would have to rest for a few
days. (WORK, HURT, GO, WILL)
10.My sister has been working hard for school recently. She’s got a few tests coming up
next week. (WORK)

10.My sister has been working hard for school recently. She’s got a few tests coming up
next week. (WORK)
11.The results were better than I expected. (EXPECT)
12.Nobody was in the car, even though the engine was running. (RUN)
13.I went into the garden to see what the boys were doing. (DO)
14.All your fingers are brown. You smoke too much. (SMOKE)
15.When I saw him last, he hadn’t been married for so long. (NOT BE)
16.I just heard that his brother is travelling around in Australia. (JUST

  1. You slept the whole morning? – I tried to call you for over an hour.
    18.After he read the letter, he threw it away. (READ, THROW)
    19.I haven’t read today’s newspaper. – Have you seen it anywhere? (NOT READ,
    YOU SEE)
    20.Jake has been coaching my sister for over a year. She has some very good
    results lately. (COACH, HAVE)

Fill in the correct form of the words in brackets (comparative or superlative).

  1. My house is bigger than yours.
  2. This flower is more beautiful  than that one.
  3. This is the most interesting  book I have ever read.
  4. Non-smokers usually live longer  than smokers.
  5. Which is the most dangerous animal in the world?
  6. A holiday by the sea is better  than a holiday in the mountains.
  7. It is strange but often a coke is more expensive  than a beer.
  8. Who is the richest woman on earth?
  9. The weather this summer is even worth  than last summer.
  10. He was the cleverest  thief of all.