In class

Change the verb into the correct form:

  1. The students have improved (improve).
  2. She has become (become) really beautiful.
  3. Man has invented (invent) many great inventions.
  4. People have caused (cause) much destruction to the planet.
  5. I have learnt (learn) to surf.
  6. The class has done (do) 5 tests this month.
  7. Allison has found (find) a few problems with your plan.
  8. We have consulted (consult) some doctors about this.
  9. I have met (meet) Debbie in the last week.
  10. In the previous year, we have doubled (double) our income.
  11. She has been (be) sick since Sunday.
  12. You have been (be) away for 2 weeks.
  13. He has hated (hate) cheese since childhood.
  14. Mark and Katie have been (be) together for two years.
  15. I have liked (like) mango since my last trip.