It is raining, isn’t it?

Her eyes are green, aren’t they?

Alan is handsome, isn’t he?

They live in Lugo, don’t they?

I am the tallest, aren’t I?

We have a fast car, don’t we?

She can play chess, can’t she?

He has long hair, doesn’t he?

I sing very well, don’t I?

His cat chases birds, doesn’t it?


Ann doesn’t like me, does she?

I am not the best, am I?

We don’t have pens, do we?

Today isn’t Monday, is it?

Paul can’t dance, can he?

Sharks don’t talk, do they?

Lucy is never happy, is she?

His car doesn’t start, does it?

They aren’t hungry, are they?

You don’t smoke, do you?


They have a horse, don’t they?

I am not silly, am I?

Your hat isn’t old, is it?

He plays basketball, doesn’t he?

There is a butterfly, isn’t there?

You don’t have a pet, do you?

Lions aren’t small, are they?

The beach is nice, isn’t it?

I am late today, aren’t I?

There isn’t a river, is there?


My parrot can talk, can’t it?

It never snows in spring, does it?

You are a pirate, aren’t you?

Our bus has arrived, hasn’t it?

He speaks English, doesn’t he?

There are some bees, aren’t there?

Penguins can’t fly, can they?

His train is never on time, is it?

We have got guns, haven’t we?

There aren’t any roses, are there?