1) She has never (let) let her daughter have a boyfriend.2) Have you already (read) read today’s newspaper?3) The house has been sold (sell).4) He has (lose)lost his wallet again.5) I have (write) writen three essays this week.6) That clock was (make) made in Switzerland.7) He had (run) ran 6 miles when he hurt his ankle.8) I have never (see) saw such a beautiful view.9) He has (teach) tough hundreds of students during his career.10) Have you ever (meet) met a famous person?11) Because she hadn’t (pay) pay the bill, the electricity went off.12) They have (send) sent Christmas cards to all their friends.13) Where have we (put) put the car keys?14) We have never (sing) song in public before.15) She had (wear) wore her blue dress many times.16) John had never (speak) spook English before he came to London.17) Why have you (stand) stood up – are we leaving?18) Have you ever (swim) swume in the Atlantic Ocean?19) It had (take) took three hours to reach the station, so they had missed the train.20) I have never (say) said that I didn’t love you.21) David jumped into the air. He had (sit) sat on a drawing pin.22) The weatherman had (tell) told us it would be sunny, but it rained all day23) I’m sorry I’m so tired. I haven’t (sleep) slept .24) Have you (think) thought about changing jobs?25) He’d thought he had (understand) understood but now he realised he’d made a mistake.